Frequently Asked Questions

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FFA testing at Invicta Farms

Karin Pavlovsky & Double Entendre Hart to Hart


  • General Questions

    • How long does is take to train my horse?  All training depends on the horse's ability and the rider's commitment to the learning process. 
    • How long are the lessons?  The lessons last as long as it takes to learn the specific movement or obstacle.  They range form thirty minutes to two hours. 
    • Does my horse need special shoeing?  Unless there are orthopedic considerations, no special shoeing is necessary.  We have a farrier available every week.
  • About Us

    • Where are you located?  We are eleven miles east of the 215 freeway in Hemet, CA
    • What are your hours?  We are open from 8am to ??pm
    • Do you charge for a consultation?  Consultation services start at $25.00
    • Are haul-ins allowed?  Haul-in lessons start at $25.00 per hour.
    • Do you have horses for sale?  There are a small number of horses availble at times throughout the year.  Please email for a current list.

What do you feed?  We offer alfalfa, grass, pellets, Integrity Low Starch, plus joint and/or hoof supplements as needed.

Kelsea & Charla
Double Down's Velvet Lady & ShutUp & Dance

Invicta Farms 35375 Tres Cerritos
Hemet, CA 92545  951-201-4847